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My Strategies for Clash Royale

Almost every day I play clash royale.
This game is very interesting and entertaining as well as addictive. Each level of the game is always full of new excitement and challenge. You want to know how to dominate the game?

How to dominate the game is to make a good defense first. After having a strong defense, it's time you make a continuous attack to the opponent. The effective weapon is the arrow because the arrows can be used from a distant location.

Training can improve the power of shooting. Certainly accompanied by the latest weaponry. To buy weapons certainly requires money and gold. This money and gold can be earned from every time you win the game.

No enemy will win the match against you if you have a good strategy. I will give a little tips on the strategy of resistance to dominate the game. Actually above I have mentioned a little. But I will give you some more tips to win the game quickly.

At the start of the clash royale game, there are two strategies you can use. First, attack immediately. The second, survive to win. I will discuss for the first strategy first. As the game begins, arrange some of your soldier formations to advance as far as possible. Of course, first make sure the weaponry equipment will be used. Use a cannon or arrow weapon as it will beat the enemy faster.

The second strategy, all you have to do is survive while collecting energy. When the enemy attacks, you run. Place the archers at a strategic location on the left and right edge. While the middle you empty it. If the enemy comes, then they will be besieged. You set up some cannons in position as well.

Both of the above strategies if done correctly will give you a quick win on this clash royale game. If you need additional gems and gold, you can use clash royale hack at the following website